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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2007-04-06: The Belgium Show

May 3, 2017

3573318471We’re back with more cream from our back archives, the first of our grand arbitrarily-themed episodes — Accordion Noir Radio episode number 18, from way back on April 6th, 2007.  Douglas Adams would have a hard time discussing this episode in mixed company, as its subject is that culturally-split low country known as Belgium, which boasted (for whatever reason we couldn’t adequately ascertain) amazing accordion recording publishing out of all proportion to the size of its population, leading to its being the first — if not most obvious — country to be so honoured with an exclusive hour of our program.  But you can hear us boggle, speculate fruitlessly and furrow our brows in the recording: it was a popular episode at its original host, racking up some 12584 logged listens (maybe every Belgian accordionist stopped by to listen once!) and you can now find it into perpetuity as an MP3 download hosted at the Internet Archive.

Acc Noir playlist 070406 The Belgium Show

Artist, Song, Album, Origin, Date

Aldo Granato, Aérosphere, La Noche, Belgium, 2006
Ambrozijn, L’Avion, Krakalin, Belgium, 2005
Turlu Tursu, Oriental Klezmer Dub, Accordion ‘n Drum ‘n Bass, Belgium, 2005
Rowan, Rasputin (after Boney M), Canada
Dazibao, 8, Alma
Fabien Beghin & Didier Leloy, Criptonique (!)
Django Reinhardt  ?
Deux Accords Diront – Aller Simple Pour Caracas –Gardadvergur – Belgium (2006)
aNoo – Greetings – The Luckless Lands Of The North (2007) – Brussels, Belgium / Finland –  Tuur Florizoone, acc (studied in Brazil!)
Rowan, the Internationale, Canada
Prima Donkeys, Gypsy Solutaire, Prima Donkey’s Rhythme Exotique, Belgium, 2006
Didier Laloy, Orgue d’Eglise Remix, S-Tres & Version Original, Belgium, 2003
Folia, Cruusch Mignonne, Kiss Me You Fool! Kiss Me Lila, Belgium, 2004,
Thiery Crommer, La Norche

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