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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2006-12-01: Our First Broadcast

December 17, 2016
AccNoir 2006-12-01
Hook up the steampunk time machine to the bellows controls, captain!

Everything old is new again! And in some regards, the old is even better than the new! In honour of our radio program’s 10th anniversary, we have been undertaking a campaign to migrate recordings of all episodes of our radio program (over 500!) to enjoy a life in posterity over on the Internet Archive, where hopefully someday again we can hook them up to act as a podcast. In any case, these are complete, random-accessible MP3s, not just streaming audio, so that’s something there!

Improbably, our original website, from which we have been accidentally locked out from years, is still up and running, serving up recordings from our first, what, six years? You can look way back and see episodes that we just threw up and left a quick note saying “I’ll post the playlist next week”… and guess what never happened?

Anyhow, due to the opportunity presented by the anniversary, we decided that it might be fun to give the episodes a second lease on life and “air” them again, virtually, here through this blog, one per week. They’re not all mirrored yet, but the first year is, so that buys us a little time.  Today we look at our very first episode, with the two (much younger, much less grey-haired) greenhorn radio operators going on the air with a frankly crazy premise, broadcasting in the middle of the night (literally, beginning at 2 am) to … well, who could imagine that anyone might be listening? Surely nothing will come of it. In ten years this will all be a hazy memory of youthful indiscretion, right?

You can access the new, permanent home of the recording over here, but for the record… at its original home, it has logged 10597 plays. Let’s earn it a few more!

Accordion Noir: Playlist: Episode 1: December 1, 2006
CFRO Co-op Radio in Vancouver, BC, Canada
102.7 FM 2-3 AM (ugh!) First Show! for web-streaming worldwide.

who (where) which (when) what

Linton Kwesi Johnson (UK) – Tings An Times (1990) – Dubbing for Life (acc. Ian Hill) (Wacky flanging cassette effect to mess with our big premiere.)
Rowan (live in the studio!) Vanha Jatsi (Finnish Jazz)
Pistolera (Brooklyn, NY) – Pistolera (2004)– Mentirosos
Julz (New York) – Squeeze Rock (2005) – (Squeeze Rock)
Fishtank Ensemble (2005) – Super Raoul (2005) – Papirosen
Duckmandu (San Francisco-ish) – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Accordionists (2005) – Also Sprach Zarathustra, (and) Kill the Poor
Rob Schwimmer (New York) – Theremin Noir (2001) – Twilight Landscape (lovely) (demand you be allowed to pay for a new pressing!)
George Shearing’s Quintet (British!) – Jazz Accordion Vol 1. Out of France (2003) – 4 Bars Short (recorded in NYC 1949)
Gardadvergur (Belgium) – deux accords diront (2006) – Traumatisme Félin (brilliant!)
Ogutoa Bobo: with his accordion (Kenya) – Rujina Kalando (1998) – Alfred Wambogo (Supposed to be very funny if you’d learn to speak Luo.)
Rowan live on the box in the booth – Punk Rock Girl (Dead Milkmen)
À Qui Avec Gabriel (Japan) – Utsuho (2001) – Akane (Garance) (really cool new-art music on John Zorn’s Tzadik label.)
Geoff Berner (Vancouver Local Motion) – We Shall Not Flag Nor Fail (2003) – Beautiful in My Eyes
Rowan (live in the studio on the self-destruct-button-accordion) – Smells Like Teen Spirit

and goodnight!

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