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Accordion Noir Theme Song – the Salmon Avalanche version

October 31, 2016

So, how is your cover version of Andy Fielding’s theme song to our radio program coming along? Between grant applications and emergency fundraising meetings, Accordion Noir Festival director Katheryn Petersen, aka Salmon Avalanche, somehow found a few minutes to get in a little work perfecting hers… it’s extra spooky, so even though the rest of you have a month to get your recordings in (so you’d better get started on them!), we thought we might share this one with you today!

The jellyfish is not only adorable but also historical: long ago, a video loop of jellyfish was part of the standard kit for an avant-garde Salmon Avalanche performance, for example at our Nov 4, 2011 concert of The Accordion Babes (Renee de la Prade and Amber Lee Baker) at Spartacus Books, at which Salmon opened avec jellyfish. So it’s a rich, dense tapestry (what would denseness even mean for a tapestry?) even before you stir in the tension from the reversing motor vehicle. But take it all away… and you’re still left with an awesome, raw sound of anarchic effects pedals and tortured toy piano such as Kath perfected in the burning circus tent of the Vaudeville Vagabonds, yielding an audio score representing, as I described to Katheryn, a perfect soundtrack to Rowan & Bruce slowly going insane live on the air at 2 o’ clock in the morning a decade ago. Basically, it’s everything Accordion Noir was ever meant to be… but that doesn’t mind we wouldn’t appreciate your alternate takes on roads less traveled we could have proceeded down.

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