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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-10-26: Hallowheeze

October 27, 2016
AccNoir 2016-10-26


Here we are — Hallowe’en is knocking at the door and you’d better have some candy at the ready. Bruce put on a selection of some of his spookiest tunes last night which you can download via the Internet Archive… and the following playlist will let you know just what you should be afraid of when you hear an instrument go squeeze in the night:

* Una O’Connor – Una O’Connor Day! Oct 23, 1880
* FemBots – Under The Bed – See You On The Moon! Songs For Kids Of All Ages (2006) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Bijoux Du Bayou – Swamp Creature – Canajun Pardi Gras (1999) – Duncan, British Columbia, Canada –
* Ghost Bees – Goldfish And Metermaids – Tasseomancy (2008) – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Their friend Oren plays acc.
* Elfin Saddle – The Ocean – Ringing For The Begin Again (2009) – Montréal, Québec, Canada –
* Colin Clive – Thunder (8.6-13.818) Sane Spectators – Frankenstein (1931)
* Pee Wee King (Frank Julius Anthony Kuczynski) – The Ghost And Honest Joe – Blue Suede Shoes: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (1949) – Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Nashville, Tennessee, USA –
* Rana Santacruz – Lobo – Por Ahí (2015) – Mexico; New York, USA –
* Those Darn Accordions – Hamsterman – No Strings Attached (1998) – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA –
* Anti-Social Music – 7 Songs of Zen, Love, & Longing – Nova (Girl From Planet of the Apes) – Sings the Great American Songbook (0) – (also of Hold Steady, World Inferno Friendship Society
* Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People – The Family Tree – Dinosaur Power (2008) – Ontario, Canada –
* That Damned Band – Festival Of The Snake Pit – That Damned Band (2007) – Xenia, Texas, USA –
* Achordian – Mama I Just Killed A Ghost – A Product Of The 80’s (2007) – malmö, Sweden –
* Guy Klucevsek – Transylvanian Software – Transylvanian Software (1994) – New York, USA –

And that’s Hallowe’en for another year! But of course we’re here on the air every week — and if you keep up with us on social media, you can hang with us daily on Twitter, announcing breaking accordion trends at @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce, depicting them at our Instagram account @Accordionnoirfest, and of course we’ve always got business cooking over at our Facebook groups for Accordion Noir fans, the Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle. (Did somebody say Vancouver Squeezebox Circle? That meets one week from tonight, 8-10 pm at Spartacus Books!)

(We know you haven’t sent in your cover recording of our theme song yet to celebrate our radio program’s 10th anniversary in December, but we’re hoping that you do eventually get around to it in time for the festivities!)

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