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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-09-07: Accordion Noir Fest is here!

September 8, 2016

Enough with previews and promos — the 9th annual Accordion Noir Festival begins today! We kicked things off last night with a visit from our friend Gunther Kablutsiak, visiting from Nunavut to perform with a crack band at our Saturday night mainstage this weekend with Jack Garton’s Demon Squadron and Piñata Protest from San Antonio.

Plenty of upcoming events listed on the bulletin board here at CFRO Co-op radio but one looms front and centre… #noirfest2016

A photo posted by Accordion Noir Fest (@accordionnoirfest) on Sep 7, 2016 at 10:01pm PDT

We split the show up between live interviews and performances from Gunther and canned tracks representing other festival performers — you can hear the entire program as a digital audio stream by clicking here! And to help make sense of what you’re hearing, here’s the playlist of the show:

Yeti – Isabelle
Magic in the Woods – Jardin
Gunther Kablutsiak – Square Dance 1
Gunther Kablutsiak – Sanimuuq
Nefertiti in the Kitchen – Purple Lady
Yeti – La Java Blanche
Gunther Kablutsiak – Jingle Bells
Jack Garton – Move the Mess Around


(You can get a better view of his button-box from his CBC Radio appearance this morning over here. Their studios are a little larger than ours 8)

As a bonus, Gunther hung around for nearly a half-hour with the radio problem following ours, Late Night With Savages, continuing to paint a picture of life in Nunavut as an accordion player — and you can hear it over here.

And that brought our exciting night to an end — but the weekend is just heating up, with the festival beginning tonight at LanaLou’s! You will need to be keeping your eyes open to all our social media accounts to get a full grasp of all the festivities this weekend — our Twitter account @AccordionNoir, our Instagram account @Accordionnoirfest, and our Facebook groups for the Accordion Noir Festival, Accordion Noir fans, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle!

You’ll be getting a no doubt comprehensive festival report on next week’s episode of Accordion Noir.  Until then… cheers & squeeze on!

Gunther Kablutsiak pores over a collection of Inuit music on vinyl at CFRO.

A photo posted by Accordion Noir Fest (@accordionnoirfest) on Sep 7, 2016 at 11:38pm PDT



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