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Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-06-29: Spectacular 500th Episode

June 30, 2016

It didn’t exactly get hyped up here, but we made a stink about it on social media:



It’s true: somehow we’ve lasted through 500 episodes of our weekly radio program. I shared some choice words on the subject:

We sure didn’t expect this when we first went on the air in the middle of the night (2-3 am) in December of 2006: we did it, then we did another one, and then another. Eventually we got to change time slots to live among the daywalkers, and then again, and we didn’t stop doing it, and now here we are: the 500th episode of Accordion Noir! The secret to becoming an institution is apparently just to not stop doing what you’re doing. In almost all of my projects I’ve kept them going long beyond the point where they ceased to be relevant to anyone besides myself, but here at least we seem to have stumbled upon a roiling cauldron of endless renewal: we started with a giant pile of accordion music to share and be done with, but having played at least an hour of it every week for nearly ten years, our “to-play” pile is larger than ever. To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, perhaps invoked for the first time ever in an accordionic context: “too weird to live, too rare to die”.

Anyhow, both of our guests were a delight, we should have booked an extra hour (because we ended up keeping the conversation going, chatting at the station until midnight!), and here we have a complete playlist with which you can keep up while listening to your very own download of the show at your convenience!

* Kenosha Kid – Orphan Theme (Slight Return) – Projector (2005) – Athens, Georgia, USA –
* The Three Suns – Anniversary Song – Movin’ ‘n’ Groovin’ (1962) – –

(and this song’s pronounced vibraphone part is why we later discuss Dawn’s grandfather the vibraphonist — a connection we made in conversation while the song was playing but never made explicit on the air)

* Clifton Chenier – Night & Day My Love – Zydeco Dynamite: Anthology (Disc 1) (1960) – Louisiana, USA
* Dawn Zoe – Spacious – Live in the Accordion Noir Studio-o-Rama!
* Geoff Berner – Hustle Advisory –

(and we talked and we talked and we talked — Bruce wanted me to note a tangent (the one tangent, seemingly) he failed to interject here, his idea of the new holiday of Stradella Day, to be celebrated on the 120th day of every year, putting it in the neighbourhood of late April.)

* Geoff Berner – Condos –
* Dawn Zoe – Baby, You’re Already Gone
* Natasha Enquist – Anniversary Waltz – AccNoir-2008-03-07, International Women’s Day! (2008) – Victoria, BC, Canada (and now Berlin, Germany) –
* The Serfs w/Gary Sredzienski – Havana Gila Monster – Live on Local Motives on WMPG in Portland Maine (2004) – Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA –

… and there you have it! There are further festivities ahead — not just our 9th annual Accordion Noir Festival coming up in September, or our own 10th anniversary in December, or the 10th anniversary of the establishment of our Vancouver Squeezebox Circle coming up next March… there are smaller celebrations, like the regular, monthly occurrence of that monthly Squeezebox Circle coming up one week from tonight. And daily celebrations, such as our ceaseless championing of Accordion Twitter over at @accordionnoir and @accordionbruce. (And have you hooked up with our new Instagram account yet?) And then there’s Bruce’s book…

Cheers & squeeze on! Here’s to 500 more!

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