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Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-05-04: Definitely Not Stroh Violin Noir

May 5, 2016

Sporadically, during member drives, we give other underdog instrument fellow travellers the privilege we accordions enjoy on Accordion Noir all year round — an equal opportunity to demonstrate their merits — and have in the past given a number of hours over to such seeming lost causes as Hurdy Gurdy Noir, Banjo Noir (a seeming oxymoron if ever there was one), and even the hopeless Ukulele Noir. Last night… was not one of those occasions. Precisely why Bruce chose to promote it by boasting an absence of Stroh Violin, I cannot presume to speculate. (Perhaps in homage to the recently-announced wind-up of Sook-Yin Lee’s tenure at the CBC’s Definitely Not The Opera?) (From consulting his notes, it looks like this was the date celebrating the invention of the instrument in 1899… but there I go, speculating.)

In any event, you can go ahead and download the episode here, and for those who enjoy some context to their listening, here to fortify it is last night’s playlist! Enjoy and squeeze on!

* Valerio Longoria – El Canoero – Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Collection: 1960-2000 The Journey Of Chris Strachwitz [Disc 4] (1989) –
* De Dannan – Joe Doran’s – The Galway Rambler – Jerry Holland’s – World Network 16 – Ireland (0) – County Galway, Ireland (etc) – Aidan Coffey, acc.
* Swift Jewel Cowboys – Memphis Blues – Public Domain Country or Western; 1930s; 78rpm (0) – Memphis, Tennesee, USA –
* Antti Paalanen – Acc Rider – Meluta (2015) – Finland –
* Stas Venglevski & Misha Litvin – Andanta Con Variazioni In D Major, WoO 44 – Duo Feast (2013) – Wisconsin, USA (and Russia) –
* Roberto Cassan/John Muratore – Arabesque No.1 (Debussy) – Domenie (2010) – New York City, New York State, USA –
* Fidencio Ayala – Cruzare La Frontera – Conjunto! Texas-Mexican Border Music: Volume 2 (1988)
* Kate Maki – Fade To Grey – Moonshine (2011) – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada –
* 3 Leg Torso – The Life and Times and Good Deeds of St. Penguin – Animals & Cannibals (2010) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Iris DeMent – Out Of The Fire – Sing The Delta (2012) – Arkansas, USA – Jen Gunderman, acc.
* Steve Normandin – Paris, Gare Montparnasse – Les Croques-Morts N’ont Pas Congé (2004) – Quebec, Canada

PS, don’t forget — tonight (Thurs, May 6th) is the monthly gathering of the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle at Spartacus Books, from 8-10 pm! We’re beginning to put together a set list for the upcoming-in-September 9th annual Accordion Noir Festival!  It’ll be a breezy blast!

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