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Accordion Noir radio playlist 01-20-16: the Creaking Planks visit Accordion Noir for their 11th Anniversary!

January 22, 2016

planks radio

Greetings everyone from Rowan, Bruce’s co-host on Accordion Noir.  Things have been looking a bit sparse around here (that just means that Bruce is actually making headway on his book), but fear not, I’m here to change all that.  I was hoping to log an appearance here in December, but that didn’t pan out — but it’s a New Year and I have some exciting content for you!  With the turnover of the calendar in January, I mark another milestone: the annual celebration of the establishment and first gig of my main musical project, East Van’s jug band of the damned The Creaking Planks.  (I know, it probably violates some journalistic precepts to program myself on my radio show (what are we stooping to the level of, the CBC?), but the band has done a lot for the show and its festival, and so I prefer to consider it less nepotism and more … synergy.)

It’s true: our fabulous 11th Anniversary extravaganza concert is coming up Friday, January 29th at the WISE Hall with supporting acts The Myrtle Family Band and the Sidewalk Cellist, and to help to get the word out, we logged another of our long, strange and sporadic series of appearances on the Accordion Noir Radio program as a band to help give listeners an idea of the big musical fun that awaits them at our concert — and of course to continue doing our bit to spearhead the punk-accordion revival here at Acc Noir ground zero in Vancouver, BC.  Bruce tipped us off that today’s date was the birthday of Leadbelly, which reminded us that we’d once (once) performed an arrangement of In The Pines, but in all the excitement Bruce was left to represent the Leadbelly without us while we wrestled with the mics in the radio station studio.  (SPOILER: the mics won.)

We played and sang a number of songs for home listeners to enjoy on the show: a complete playlist follows, and you can listen and follow along with an audio stream provided by CFRO Co-Op Radio or, if streams aren’t your bag, an MP3 of the episode some canny fan managed to somehow bottle and ferment.

The Creaking Planks – Accordion Noir theme (Andy Fielding) – Live on Accordion Noir (2011)

Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter) – Laura (1947) – Born this day, 1888, Mooringsport, Louisiana (in Caddo Parish), USA

Mahlautini Luthuli – Ulele Izweni – Squashbox: Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa Concertina, 1930-1965 (1950) – South Africa – David Murray sent us this.  Thank you, David!

The Creaking Planks – Born Slippy (Underworld) – from YouTube at

The Creaking Planks – Like A Prayer (Madonna) – Live on Accordion Noir (2016)

The Creaking Planks – Warhol’s Portrait of Gretzky (Hawksley Workman) – Live on Accordion Noir (2016)

The Creaking Planks – Major Tom (Peter Schilling) – Live on Accordion Noir (2016)

The Creaking Planks – Sweethome Under White Clouds (Virgin Prunes) – Live on Accordion Noir (2016)

The Creaking Planks – Your Sister’s Wedding – Live on Accordion Noir (2016)

The Creaking Planks – That Pie Ain’t Gonna Eat Itself – Live on Accordion Noir (2016)

    and, because what’s the Plankiest thing you can follow Planks with:

The Chieftains, John Hiatt, etc. – Down The Old Plank Road – Down The Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions (2002) – Marc Savoy, acc., Bela Fleck, banjo

Hope you enjoyed the program, and hope to see you out at the show! (If you like the accordion-playing octopi, we should have more of our fabulous T-shirts for sale to interested parties at the show — and online — bearing their basic design.)  Cheers and squeeze on!

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