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Accordion Noir Episode, 2014-10-01, @SlimCessna Interview, @VIFF Dominguinhos #Forró Film

October 2, 2014

Stream the latest Accordion Noir Episode here: Accordion Noir 2014-10-01

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Bruce Triggs, Accordion Noir Radio

Brazil: Forró, Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers, cover with woodcut of drum, accordion, triangle players

I wish I knew more about Globestyle Records’ “Accordions that Shook the World” series. I don’t know how many records they released or what they all were.

Come to the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle tonight (Thurs, Oct 2) to maybe win tickets to the Dominguinhos Brazilian accordion film at the Vancouver International Film Festival! 

Accordion Noir Playlist DATE:

Cascabulho – Na Bocada Da Mata ( Lendas De Acudinho ) – Fome Da Dor De Cabeca (1998) Brazil (Brasil) –

Jorge de Altinho & Dominguinhos – Bom Demais  (So Good) – Brazil Classics 3: Forró etc. (1984) Northeastern Brazil –ó   or

Jose Orlando – Eu Também Quero Beijar – Brazil: Forró (Music For Maids And Taxi Drivers) (0) Brazil – Part of Globestyle Records’ mysteriously hard to track down “Accordions That Shook the World” series from the ’80s.

Slim Cessna poster for their show this Friday at the Wise Hall in Vancouver. Crow/Raven over Skull and Crossed-Wrenches

SCAC (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club) – My Goodness Me – Denver Squeeze (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club) (0) Denver, Colorado, USA –

Slim Cessna – Slim Cessna Interview (edited) – Interview at the Cobalt in Vancouver, Canada (2011) Boulder, Colorado,  United States  –

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Willow Gardens – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (1995) Denver, Colorado, USA –

Blind Joe Mangrum; Fred Shriver – Bacon and Cabbage – Kentucky Mountain Music – CD7 (1928) Nashville, Tennessee, USA –

The Bad Things – Young Emily Rose – After The Inferno (2014) Seattle, Washington, USA –

Bluesqueezebox – Bei Mir Bistu Shein – This Old House (2014) Austin, Texas, USA –

Dhatri – Jigni Jigs – Where Expression Meets Harmony (2008) Bangalore, India –

Wendy McNeill – Owl and Boy – One Colour More (2014) Canada and now Sweden –

Geoff Berner With Diona Davies And Wayne Adams – Weep, Bride, Weep – The Wedding Dance Of The Widow Bride (2007) Vancouver, BC, Canada –

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