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Accordion Noir Episode, August 27, 2014, Rowan at the Controls

August 28, 2014

Stream the latest Accordion Noir Episode here: Accordion Noir Aug 27, 2014

or click (once) here to download: Download audio file

Thanks for listening!


Rowan in charge while Bruce was out of town. I (Bruce) caught about half the show from my bivouac on the coast of Vancouver Island (Vancouver the city is not on Vancouver, the Island, what’s up with that Canada?)

I particularly liked the Bonnie Prince Billy and Hardrock Gunter pairing near the end which seemed thematically though not stylistically linked. Good one Rowan!


“I Claim To Have Named The Music [Rock And Roll]”

“Hardrock” Gunter

A man who's pseudonym has a nickname.

Bonny “Prince” Billy (Will Oldham)

Accordion Noir Playlist Aug 27, 2014:

1. Promised Land-Johnnie Allan (Belton Richard on Accordion)

2. Andy Fielding -Accordion Noir theme

3. Philippe Bruneau – Valse-Clogue / Waltz Clog

4. Fairport Convention – Si Tu Dois Partir

5. Music Maul-Sorry

6. The Band – When I Paint My Masterpiece

7. Little Muse

8. The Leon Sash Quintet – Perdido

9. Frank Vignola- Swing Gitane

10. The Boxcar Boys – Mugg’s Island

1 1 Kim Barlow-Rest Reprise

12. Beirut-Mimizan

13. Bonnie Prince Billy-Black Ice Cream

14. Hardrock Gunter-Bonaparte’s Retreat

15. Lars Hollmer- Dron

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  1. unwashedmass permalink*
    August 28, 2014 4:59 pm

    You missed my note (after laboriously transcribing my attached graphic — I was going to ask if my doing that made it less likely for you to blog the episodes 8), just before Lars Hollmer’s Dron we had Anja McCloskey’s fabulous Too Many Words. After I asked you to provide me with tunes, I discovered a substantial stash I had set aside quite a while ago. I have no idea which songs were sourced from you and which ones I inherited from my past self.

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