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Accordion to Motörhead

May 24, 2014

Shoddy photoshop of  Motörhead Snaggletooth Warpig eating an accordion

I got up with Motörhead in my head, so instead of writing my book while listening to them for inspiration, I succumb to procrastination and fantasize about Motörhead on accordion.  I believe this would be a good thing with a good enough accordion player to do the bass-side justice.

A while ago I was reading an interview with punk-rock accordion goddess Angel Corpus Christi where she talked about wanting to do an accordion metal cover album with Motörhead, “because I like swearing and cussing in songs.”

Angel Corpus Christi’s “Louie Louie” album of Lou Reed covers.

This guy has made a brave attempt while busking.  It’s hard to stand up to Lemmy’s Marshall stacks without having a pretty heavy bass technique though.  Maybe with a full band?

Hey, he’s from Seattle – Ando Ehlers/Shubes the Wandering Chicken Maybe we should get up here for the Accordion Noir Festival?

Hunting for “Motörhead” “accordion” online, the first hit was from the Hohner accordion company!  No way!  It turns out though that the band plays Hohner harmonicas, sigh, one step of separation.  Just need the right squeezebox to tip them over the edge.  Can you imagine, the “Hohner Motörhead-banger” Accordion?  Yeah man.

Geez, enough of this, get some work done already.


Lemmy detailing his dream accordion with Hohner rep Wilhelm Wlassow.

Custom Motörhead Hohner Harmonica.  That is Phil Campbell's ear there.



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