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Tuba Noir Radio Special, Available for Download, for the Good of the Tuba

April 17, 2014

Last night we had our big Co-op Radio Member Fund-drive Tuba show on Accordion Noir.

Code name: AccNoir-2014-04-16, TUBA NOIR!

With special guests Marc Lindy on helicon tuba and Tim Sars on bark-sax.  Rowan and Bruce were there too.

pretty abstract reflection off tuba bell

What is this?

Every time Co-op Radio has a fund-drive Accordion Noir “donates” an episode to some other needy instrument that doesn’t have its own program every week.  (But could, if you want to make one happen.) We’ve been talking about a tuba episode for a long time with our fellow dj Marc Lindy.   Now we have to do an accordion version of his Gospel Train show, every Friday night.  And the next instrument for us?  We think pedal steel guitar.

Little kid sleeping in a tuba!  That's cute.

It was a two hour special, so the first hour pre-empted the regular Soundscapes show.  Then we continued in our normal Accordion Noir slot.

Download both shows by clicking Here for hour one, and Here for hour two.

Or, stream them on their individual pages:

Tuba Noir hour one:

Tuba Noir hour two:

Vince Simonetti, sounding a sousaphone while standing among 250 tubas and variations thereof in the front parlor of Durham's Tuba Exchange.

Photo of Vince Simonetti surrounded by just enough tubas, by D.L. Anderson

And now, the tuba-centric playlist of our dreams!

First Hour:

* Artist – Song – Album (year) – Where they’re from, etc. if we know.

* Bruce Triggs – Tuba Noir PRA – Accordion Noir PRA’s (2014)

* Tubby the Tuba And Friends (oldie but goodie)

* Howard Johnson – Big Alice

* Ahilea – Come on Bejbe – Cafe Svetlana (2009) – Ohrid, Macedonia / Sarajevo / Vienna, Austria –  sounds like the Monkees

* Tuba en Java – Vas-Y Bobarre –

* Polkacide – Madzia’s Rewanz – Hardcore 2/4 (1999) – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA –

* Orkestar Šlivovica – Alchemy Alchemy – Živeli! (2012) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –

* Marc Lindy, Tim Sars – Swasey the Cat

* Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band – Mesecina – Reign Of Revelry (2010) – Somerville, Massachusetts, USA –

* Feathership – Tumbling – Howl (2014) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –

* Zulya – Insomnia / yoqosizliq – Elusive (2002) – Tatarstan, Russia, Australia –


2nd Hour.

* Marc Lindy, Tim Sars, Rowan Lipkovits – Accordion Noir theme (by Andy Fielding) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Live in Studio!

* Marc Lindy and Tim Sars – Yeep!

* Sam’s Rot N’ Pot N’ Pan Band – Tuba Girl – Sam’s Rot N’ Pot N’ Pan Band (2005) – Canada –

* Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski – Carassin Doré – Cinéma Novo (2008) – Belgium –

* Tubatabgo – Zorro Gris – Tango Trg CD #2 (0) –  – Adjusted by iVolume 06/13/2006 21:10:09

* Marc Lindy, Tim Sars, Rowan Lipkovits – Algiers Strut

* Jelly Roll Morton and His Orchestra,  H Prather (tuba) – New Orleans Bump (Take 2) – The Jelly Roll Morton Centennial: His Complete Victor Recordings [Disc 3] (1926)

* Los Dareyes De La Sierra – Los Sembradores [Banda Version] – Corridazos “Con Tuba Y Acordeón” (2008) – Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico –

* Bob Stewart – King Porter Stomp

* Tragic Mulatto – Fist of the Fleet – Hot Man Pussy (1989) – San Francisco, California,  USA –   Gail ( Flatula Lee Roth ) Tuba.


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  1. April 2, 2021 1:43 pm

    If anybody saved a recording of the Tuba Noir episode, we’re looking for one, since it’s a deep hole in our archive.

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