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Accordion Noir Radio -2014-01-15, Keep Rowan Moving Episode!

January 21, 2014

This week’s episode of Accordion Noir Radio (well, last week’s by now).  Rowan was moving to a new palatial palace floating above the Eastern hills.  I played music by college friends I haven’t seen in years, and Baby Dee, and the only Finnish Balkan band, and the Dirty Bourbon River Show.

Get the episode/podcast here:

If you follow Twitter, I’ve been posting updates on my book progress, which is progressing.  Onward from Polka to jazz (a natural progression), and Lawrence Welk’s children’s books.

Cover of the Bellows and Bows book/compilation

* Ten In The Swear Jar – House Quake II – Accordion Solo! (2005) – Palo Alto –  This band had my college friend Joan Ling on accordion.   I stumbled on it years after hearing from her.  Neato.

* Jeffrey Bützer – House Made of Cake – The Garden of Scissors (2009) – Ile-de-France  France  –

* Beasts And Superbeasts – If I Was A House – Beasts And Superbeasts (2007) – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada –

* Various Artists – Mr Wheatstone’s Lap-Top – This Label Is Not Removable (A Celebration Of 25 Years Of Free Reed) [Disc 3] (2001) –  –

* Dirty Bourbon River Show – Ruffian Since Birth (Accordion Redux) – Accordion Anthology (2013) – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – Visit

* Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha – Pettymys – Lapland-Balkan (2013) – Finland –  “The World’s One and Only Lapland-Balkan-Schlager Group”

* Chris Sherburn & Danny Bartley – The Moving On Song, Lafferty’s Favourite, The Lads Of Laoise – Last Night’s Fun (1995) – Leeds, West Yorkshire, England (orig. W. Ireland or so.)  – Chris Sherburn, anglo concertina.   reviewed:

* Baby Dee – An Early Spring – A Book Of Songs For Anne Marie (2010) – Cleveland, Ohio, USA –

* Chigmo – Move On – Chigmo (2006) – Bay Area, California, USA –

* One Ring Zero – A Moving World – Wake Them Up (2006) – Virgina / Brooklyn, New York, USA –

* Albert Beaulieu, Lawrence “Teddy Boy” Houle, and Lawrence Flett – Homecoming Waltz – Bellows & Bows: Historic Recordings of Traditional Fiddle & Accordion Music from Across Canada (1986) – Manitoba, Canada – Research Centre for the Study of Music, Media and Place, Memorial University of Newfoundland,

* The Thin Man – Marching Through the House of Love with Dirty Boots – Greasy Heart (2005) – Chicago, Illinois, USA – www.

* Mick Moloney, Athena Tergis, Billy McComiskey, Tim Collins, Niall O’Leary & Darrah Carr – The House In The Glen/The Bohola Jig/Josie McDermott’s/Free And Easy [Jigs/Reels] – Absolutely Irish (2008) – Ireland / USA –  Tim Collins, concertina;  Billy McComiskey, acc.

* Fear of Drinking – House Fever – One Morning When I Went To Work… (0) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –

* Woodpigeon – Chorus Of Wolves – Songbook (2006) – Calgary, Alberta, Canada  –

* Gary Sredzienski – Keepers Of The Light – Old World Accordions (In The Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (2012) – Kittery, Maine, USA –

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