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Accordion Noir Radio 2013-12-19, Bruce’s Squeezebox Hits of 2013

December 19, 2013

Accordion Noir radio co-host Bruce’s top Squeezebox hits of 2013.  A lot of Canadian accordion this year.  Lots of songs I liked, more than just accordionist virtuosity.  A few moments of instrumental glory thrown in.

Sometimes more than a year passes before we get to hear “new” music.  That takes out a lot of great older releases we received this year, but don’t get to be in this set.  For some of those, see Rowan’s “Best things we played this year” episode from a few weeks ago.

Also, wow, my voice was quite scratchy, getting over last week’s cold.  And yes, I did leave the damn mic on at the beginning.  My god that’s embarrassing!  At least I wasn’t talking to Rowan or something, but then he’d probably have told me I was f’kin up.  Sigh.


Note we started with a short preview of  Co-op Radio‘s  three hour Somewhat Secular Christmas Special.  Dec 25, 9-Midnight next week.
* Clifton Chenier – It’s Christmas Time – King Of The Bayous (2007) –
* Jim Reeves – Christmas Polka – Twelve Songs of Christmas (1963) – USA
* Janet Lane & the Rhythm Westerners – I’d Like a Boyfriend for Christmas – The Return Of the Shellac Shack Santa! (Roy’s Christmas 78s, 2013) (Early 50’s Twilight 78 from the collection of Roy Forbes)

Here’s the top 19 or so list:


* Don Brownrigg – Stuck In The MIddle – It Takes All Kinds (To Make This World, I Find) (2013) – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada –

* Jill Barber – Les Feuilles Mortes – Chansons (2013) – Halifax, Nova Scotia/Vancouver, BC, Canada –  Drew Jurecka, acc.

* Andy Fielding / Bruce Triggs – Kazoo Noir Theme (Andy Fielding) – Bruce Triggs’s Album (2013) – Vancouver, BC, Canada

* Geoff Berner – Gas Mask Accordion in Turkey – Pigeon Protest (2013) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – photo #1 (right before the motorcycle kissing stunt, for contrast),

A demonstrator wearing a gas mask plays the accordeon as he sits with others near a tent at a makeshipt camp on Taksim square in Istanbul on June 7, 2013. (GURCAN OZTURK/AFP/Getty Images)

* Geoff Berner – When DD Gets Her Donkey (Everything will be Alright) – When DD Gets Her Donkey (Everything will be Alright) (2013) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –

* IVA NOVA – Kholmogori – Íåèçâåñòíûé äèñê (15.05.2010 18:04:56) (2013) – St. Petersburg, Russia –

* Kim Barlow – Cherry Blossoms – Festival Man (2013) – Nova Scotia, Canada –

* The Crackling – The Harm – Mary Magdalene (2013) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –  Tyson Naylor, acc.

* SoCalled – Baskatong Song – The Season (2013) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –   Yves Lambert as The Hunter

* Kal – Run Brother Run – Romology (2013) – Romany / Belgrade, Serbia –

* Trio Esperança – Les Copains D’abord – Doce França (2013) – France, Brasil –

* Tintamare – Tu Sais-Tu Quoi – Donne La Patte Vol.1 (2013) – Quebec, Canada –

* The Plodes – Kissy Giraffes (feat. Jamie Tea) – A Foot Was As Long As… A Foot! (2013) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –  Alexa Fraser, acc.

* Emre & Lütfü Gültekin – L’esprit des pierres – L’exil, refuge du barbe (2013) – Belgium – Armenian duduk player, Belgian accordionist, Senegalese hoddu player, Belgian tchatkan player, and some of Turkey’s biggest music personalities!

* Corin Raymond And The Sundowners – Time To Leave – Paper Nickels (2013) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada  –  (This is the record paid for entirely by donations of Canadian Tire Money.)

* Christopher Cape – Feel the Same – The Biggest Lie (2013) – Guelph, Ontario, Canada –

* Ol’ Savannah – Burv Me On The Mountain – Donne La Patte Vol.1 (2013) – Quebec, Canada –

* Duo Milla Viljamaa & Johanna Juhola – Vapaalla Jalalla (The Free Leg) – Tango Diary (2013) – Finland –

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