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Star Trek Accordion: I and II

November 9, 2013

Star Trek Accordion %22Miri%22 detail

Watching old Star Trek with my daughters, because I must inculcate them with the fact that William Shatner is the only Captain.  I can’t get away from it, there’s an accordion.  I long ago learned, much to my disbelief, that Klingons play concertinas.  Now there’s a much less impressive little cameo by a weird old flutina/toy hanging in the shop window where the ferrel kids in Episode 8, “Miri” hang out.  They don’t play it or anything, but there you go.

Did anybody else notice that on that episode, they discover a planet that looks exactly like earth and then nobody mentions it again?  It’s like, “This is an allegory!” that time forgot.  Somewhere out there in Star Trek-land there’s a duplicate Earth waiting for resolution.

Little flutina style accordion hanging in the window of devastated earth place.

I suppose the Klingons know how to deal with a tough crowd when they need to.  If you can track it down, the scene where they play the concertina in the star-ship bar is worth a few minutes.

Prop Klingon concertina. Long bellows on this one.

Design Sketch of a Klingon concertina. It has claws and fur.Also, in the spirit of the space age and advance technology:

“I’ve got to answer for my instrument every time I strap it on.” Franz Nicolay,

When you’re busking, you really only need a three-song, slam-dunk set, maximum, since your audience is recycling every ten minutes. Playing a restaurant is different only in the sense that instead of physically leaving they’re simply totally indifferent. 

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