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Music and Melodeons: awesome buttonic blog

August 27, 2013

Just discovered the fantastic Music and Melodeons blog by a UK button-box player Owen Woods.  Lots of posts I’ll have to catch up on about technical details of different button-box accordions, different keyboard layouts.  (There are over 150 different diatonic keyboard layouts, because accordionists are fickle, and it’s pretty easy to change on a whim, compared to say, where the holes are on a flute, or the strings on a piano.)

Owen’s Hohner Preciosa(silver) / Regina(red) hot-rod “frankenstein” accordion

I’m adding it to my “friendly” list over on the right and hope you check it out.

He’s got some nice writing about the ups and downs of being a player too.  The supportive comments are heartwarming and good reading.

And a fine post on classification/explanation of the different kinds of accordions too.

An old accordion called (in England) a Flutina.

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  1. September 19, 2013 6:17 pm

    Hey, nice blog, it would be nice if you’d post some french waltzes for newbies. There is a tablature app at where you can write them and share the links on your blog. I recently bought a Hohner Corona III (3 row) but can’t find any good sources of music (I don’t read music notation). Thanks in advance mate.

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