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T-ara: ( 티아라 ) Electro Accordion K-pop (Korean Pop Music)

May 11, 2013

I’m working on my book’s chapter about Newfoundlander accordion, which is quite rich and fun.  Meanwhile of course, who can get Korean pop music out of their head?  (Note, we previously mentioned Dallea, a group of North Korean women who use significantly more accordion content than the artists I present today.)

T-ara, four young women in wacky outfits.  One has cool Elton-John glasses.

The Korean girl-group T-ara (get it?) uses a dash of accordion in this dance song “Countryside Life”, which is rather frenetic and relentless.  Here are two contrasting videos, one is a sort of glitzy stage set-piece and the other is almost the same music and patent dance-moves, but with some kind of narrative about older folks watching TV, and people working in a greenhouse, and a dog, and stuff.  I admit to complete befuddlement.  If you search online you’ll find trailers and previews that were released to promote the videos.  Used to be the video was itself a promotion.  I guess we’ve got those for movie-previews now?  “Teaser-trailers”?  Weird.  The final product as after-thought, hmm.

I actually like the way the accordion touches are mixed in with the other sounds so you’re not quite sure what’s what.  Get your Brian Wilson on a bit.  If anybody wants to share more Korean accordion with me that’d be swell.  Enjoy.
(Links updated 2021, let us know in the comments if they disappear.)

T-ARA N4 – Countryside Life – MV (Dance Version) 티아라 N4 전원일기

T-ARA N4 – Countryside Life – MV (Drama Version) 티아라 N4 전원일기

I just heard a disturbing little piece on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, like NPR but probably better) about K-pop and how they groom the performers like olympic gymnasts with cosmetic surgery and stuff to get “perfect.”  The Wikipedia page for T-ara says they were in “training” for three years before their first record.  Yikes.  Stick with the accordion kids.

Now back to Newfoundland.

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