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The Cat and the Accordion / Котэ и аккордеон

March 22, 2013

Accordion Noir co-host Rowan Lipkovits posted this to the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle Facebook thing, saying, “This is even cuter than the dog accordion solo.”  Yup.

There seem to be several options if you want to find the dog Rowan referred to:

I think he meant this one:

Dog Playing Accordion to Django Reinhardt minor blues

But there’s also:

“A dog named peder who loves to sing when other plays the Accordion.”  (Warning, Christmas tune out of season, or is it Christmas season out of tune?)

And this one doesn’t have a dog in it at all, and so is of less interest unless you are appreciative enough to appreciate cute animals while also seeing the merit in a fine accordion arrangement by Antony Galla-Rini, who was a big-time accordionist and a pro-musician for almost 100 years!  It would be helpful to know if he liked cute animals though.

The Whistler and his Dog Accordion Solo

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