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Katie McConnell of the Mahones, Punk Rock Squeezebox International

January 10, 2013

Accordion Noir broadcast a radio interview last night with Katie McConnell from the Celtic Punk band The Mahones (rhymes with The Ramones).  She and the rest of The Mahones have a show tonight in Vancouver (Jan 10, 2013 in case you stumble on this at a later date.)  It should be a fine time.  In honour of her we did a show of Punk Accordionists from  all over the world.  It was pretty good so I wanted to share it.

Katie McConnell from the Dying Scene Website

You can download or stream it here on Accordion Noir’s Co-op Radio page.

(Our podcast site has been broken for a while, but has five years of older shows.  We hope to finally get that fixed this year.)

The other impetus for the episode was an rousing list from the Dying Scene blog (we swiped the above pic from there):

Punk’s 10 Best Accordion Players: A Tribute to Squeezebox Rockers

Well, as I said on the show, there’s more than ten, let’s add a few!  Here’s some of my additions (and Katie and the Mahones as well).

Accordion Noir’s Jan 9, 2013 Punk Rock Accordion Hall of Fame  

Katie and Finny from the Maroons

* The Mahones – Queen And Tequila – Irish Punk Collection (2008) – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

* Rawlins Cross – The Little Beggarman – Celtic Instrumentals (1997) – Nova Scotia, Canada – Isn’t that a quote of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again?”

* Play, Bayan! – Radiator – Attention, ska! (part 1) (2002) – Saint-Petersburg,  Russian Federation

* Piñata Protest – Campesino – Plethora (2010) – San Antonio, Texas, USA

The Mahones – Down The Boozer – Irish Punk Collection (2008) – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

* Katie McConnell and Bruce Triggs – Katie McConnell from the Mahones interview

The Mahones – Angels & Devils – Angels & Devils (2012) – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

* The Dreadnoughts – Katie Bar the Door (2007) – Vancouver, BC, Canada

* Cherry Cokes – Oblivious – Rouse Up (2005) – Japan, Ireland? Planet Earth.

* El Gran Silencio – Super riddim internacional – Super riddim internacional Vol.1 (2003) – Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

* Polkaholix – Ideal-Polka – Denkste (2002) – Berlin, Germany

* BU☆LI – PaPaPa -a field day version- – Grand Parade ep. (2003) – Sapporo City, Japan

* Iva Nova – Young Cossak – Iva Nova (2003) – St. Petersburg, Russia

* Stupid – I’m Not Going – Stupid (2003) – Brooklyn, New York (USA) – Dana Boulé, acc.

The Mahones – Past The Pint Of Now Return – Angels & Devils (2012) – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Mahones – London – Irish Punk Collection (2008) – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Did anybody catch the glitch in the interview where I edited it so I asked about whether Katie uses the bass buttons and she answers about whether she uses the synth sounds on the Roland accordion?  Oops.  Lost on the cutting-room floor somewhere.  Crazed accordion-geeks are thrown into confusion.  I liked her story about taping a plastic cup onto the accordion to shield the mic from feedback.  Good one.

See you all later!  Thank you for listening.

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  1. January 12, 2013 3:23 am

    Ha! Note that the show-stream starts at the last two minutes of the former “Sound-Scapes” show, which is is usually an hour of very strange noises and sound art. Then we start rockin’.

    Also apologies to the Polkaholix for my perplexing mistake where our show’s theme started playing at the same time I cued their song. I do now know how that happened. Still a bit of a mystery here in radio-land. Great track though, and I hope to hear more. If you’re in Berlin, go see them!

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