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110 Accordions Want You! You Want 110 Accordions! (Or at least one or two.)

December 14, 2012

Head-shot photo of Bill StadnykBill Stadnyk with two walls full of accordions (part of his collection)

Back in July of this year Bill Stadnyk died.  I’m pretty sure Rowan and I from the Accordion Noir radio show got to meet him and talked about our shared accordion obsessions.  Well, his children are following his wishes now and working to find good homes for his 110 Accordions.

Bill was located in British Columbia, Canada (very lucky for us), so if you’re in the area, pay particular attention.  His kids have created a Facebook Page called AccordionsPlus with photos of many of the instruments.

white and black accordion with red bellows

Cavalli Ricanti, $450 (hot stuff)

black accordion with unusual asymmetrical design

Why does this one have a “square” basses? Like a Jimmy Shand button accordion? And what are those five round things above the grill? $400 gets you the mystery!

48 bass hohner with

Beautiful little floral inlaid Hohner from back in the Good ‘ol Days (possibly 1930s?) $1000. You know you want it.

The instruments are posted by price-range from $600 and under, $600-$1000, and $1001 and up.  And now some more for less than $600.  (Click to see many, many accordions.)

Let me just say this is a fairly spectacular collection.  Including some rarities like this “curved keyboard” that was hip for a while in the 1940s or so:

Scandalli Curved Keyboard $2000

Here’s another home-video walking around some of Bill’s collection.

There are also amazing items like this one of a kind piano/button number (who commissioned this thing?) which we featured here once before.

Excelsior Custom Glitter-Rocker (amplified!) $8000

With the variety of prices, I’m sure there is something for everyone.  I’m assured by Bill’s daughter that they are in excellent condition as he not only played but did maintenance to keep them in good repair himself.  If you’d like to contact the family about any of them, sign on and leave a message on Facebook.  (If you’re not on Facebook, good for you.  Drop me an email and I’ll hook you up.)  His daughter should be bringing some into Vancouver in January if you are able to connect before then.

Let me close with this lovely Guerinni with decor to die for:

Guerinni Camroni. Imagine the Vaudeville stages this graced!  $1000.

PS.  I think I may have managed to score one for myself (can’t let you all have everything.)  Will this become the “Accordion Noir” we talk about so much?  I hope so.  Looking forward to seeing/hearing it in January!

Black and gold chromatic button accordion, 96 bass.

Hohner Riviera III (I think). I’m hesitantly in lust….

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  1. December 24, 2012 2:23 pm

    Check out this one with the typewriter key switches!
    Scandalli Metafono accordion, with strange typewriter-key switches on the treble side.

  2. February 2, 2013 6:55 pm

    is the custom excelsior still for sale?saw it on craigslist vancouver or victoria but lately it was no longer offered any info would be appreciated thank you terry at

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