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Holy Motors: L’accordéoniste Denis Lavant

November 17, 2012

Alan Zisman from Vancouver’s Squeezebox Circle sent me this.  Yup, it is cool.

Wait!  What was that?  Let’s just say what a remarkable variety of accordions there are!

Apparently it’s from a French film called Holy Motors.  It sounds weird, even though it has this perfectly reasonable scene of a growing crowd of accordionists and hangers on striding through a cathedral jamming on funky parade-music.  Aside from that it looks very strange.

It’s about a guy who lives a bunch of different lives all at once, or something.  With limousines, disguises, assassinations, fashion-models, etc. all the ingredients for your average James Bond movie.  But apparently it’s weirder than that, and there’s accordions which make it better.  Makes me want to see it.

I remember now I was reading about this film.  Here’s the trailer, looks intriguing.

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  1. November 17, 2012 7:33 pm

    Update: The original song behind this is by Mississippi blues-guy R.L. Burnside. The musician behind this version (well, one of them?) is the Irish-born French-based Doctor L. Not sure which one he is in there. Not sure if he’s got other accordion pieces, but I like his Gil Scott-Heron one.

    Here’s R.L. Burnside’s original. Pretty awesome. What other old tunes are awaiting accordion revival?

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