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Kimmo Pohjonen’s Soundbreaker film (continued) at the Vancouver International Film Festival

October 6, 2012

This week we did an Accordion Noir Radio episode about Kimmo Pohjonen’s film Soundbreaker, and we posted on this blog about the film too, but it’s quite worth continuing.


Here’s where to find the episode of  Accordion Noir, with music and an interview we did with Kimmo which goes into Accordion-Geek mode with talk about the electronics he uses, monitoring rock-concert volume accordion, and what Finland’s fantastic national arts-grant program sounds like.


Or Click to Download.

And here is a longer Soundbreaker trailer, which I like even more than the one we posted earlier.  Though it doesn’t have Kimmo bench-pressing in the snow.  All this and more in the actual movie!

Again, your chance to see what this crazy Finnish accordionist is doing to revolutionize the instrument is showing at the Vancouver International Film Festival  this week, so get on it!

Your only two chances to see Soundbreaker on the big screen in Vancouver are:
Sat, Oct 06,  01:30 pm   Vancity Theatre  1181 Seymour Street  (an hour from now, tick-tock!)

Fri, Oct 12,  06:40 pm   Empire Granville 4   855 Granville Street  (See you there!)


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