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Accordion Noir’s home, Co-op Radio turns the dial to 100.5 FM

September 7, 2012

Big party tomorrow night at the WISE Hall in Vancouver.

Poster for the Co-op Radio party: Vancouver Co-op Radio is changing frequencies on the radio dial! On September 10, we are moving from 102.7FM to 100.5FM.  To celebrate, Vancouver Co-op Radio is having a party at The Wise Hall on September 8.

Looking forward to Co-op Radio’s switching frequencies this week.  The station is changing from trusty-old 102.7 FM to new-fangled 100.5 FM on Monday.  We arranged this swap with another station and as a result are going to be in stereo for the first time with a bunch of new equipment (that they’re giving us), to replace our 35 year old transmitter – and we get a spare to go with the new one, we’ve never had that security.  It’s a pretty good deal for us, and good to see finally happening after several years of work.

Co-op Radio is of course where we broadcast our Accordion Noir Radio show.  We’ll have to start practicing, “100.5 FM” in our sleep to get it right.

And for gosh-sakes don’t miss out on the Accordion Noir Festival next week!  It’s a big Accordion Noir crazy time here.  Whew.




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