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“The accordion concerns most people.” – Tiff Jimber

August 26, 2012

Fun article in the San Diego Reader about singer-songwriter-accordionair Tiff Jimber.

We’ll have to get some of her music for Accordion Noir to play on the radio.

Nothing, I say, brings on the red-checkered tablecloth fantasies better than accordion.

“And fear,” she says. “The accordion concerns most people. I usually see a look of terror on faces in the audience when I put one on.”

And while we’re pushing the envelope, here’s her sexy-sexy video for her cover of Taio Cruz’s dance hit “Dynamite. ” (Which being on top of the pop-music biz, I’ve never heard.  See kids, the accordion is keeping me up to date.)

Accordion make-out music!  (There’s clearly some accordion in there towards the end, and maybe before if she put it through effects.)

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  1. sonicejtt permalink
    November 28, 2012 3:27 pm

    accordion is at 3.03 mins…(I think before that is a Melodica not an accordion.)

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