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Krist Novoselic played accordion in Nirvana (and sometimes bass)

July 9, 2012

Krist Novoselic played bass in Nirvana.  Now he plays accordion.  It’d be fun to talk with him about it.  I’d like to hear if he has any tips for amplifying your accordion to play with huge loud bands.

Krist Novoselic: Of Grunge and Grange An Oral History 2009 John Hughes for The Legacy Project Washington State Legacy Project

Here’s a swell oral history (PDF) by John Hughes and Lori Larson where Noveselic details his growing up with a Croatian accordion connection.  Great reading.

Recently in Rolling Stone said:

As for music, Novoselic rarely plays bass these days and admits he became “obsessed” last year with learning the Doors’ “Light My Fire” on the accordion Cobain gave him years ago. “I got that whole solo part,” he said. “My inner [Ray] Manzarek is being channeled.”

Here’s a little Youtube-ege audio of the Foo Fighters working out a one chord accordion part to their song, “I Should Have Known.”  Nice echo on there.

“I’m running out of accordion.”

In an otherwise valuable article in Spin Magazine about hopes for voting reform in the face of the US’s “unbalanced” (I might use harsher terms like “horribly corrupt”) electoral system, Novoselic lets slip his latest non self-destructive habits:

You still sometimes play with Foo Fighters. How does it feel collaborating with Grohl all these years? 
Oh, it’s amazing! We have so much fun. I’ve been playing a lot of accordion, and I am obsessed with some other things, it’s not political all the time. I’m obsessed with the accordion. It’s weird.

Yeah, the accordion is kind of a marginal instrument. How are you obsessed with it?
I just have to play it every day! There could be a lot worse exceptions, even though it’s kinda weird. Some people get in trouble, some people self-destruct. I could either be self-destructive, or I could drive other people crazy with the accordion, that’s not so bad!

Do you feel you are an accordion virtuoso? 
Actually, I’m bustin’ out some tunes, you know? I play covers and I have my own tunes. I played the accordion on Foo Fighters. I recorded some the day before yesterday with this dude from L.A., we did it over the internet, and he was happy with it. Dale Crover’s on drums, so there’s a Melvins connection. But maybe I’ll talk to Dale and Buzz and maybe they’ll need some accordion on the next Melvins record. They’ll probably do it, you know how they’re so eclectic.

We look forward to the Melvins accordion collabo. 

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