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Jenny Conlee of the Decemberists on Accordion Noir Radio

April 3, 2012

We broadcast an interview with Jenny Conlee on last week’s episode of Accordion Noir.  You should be able to listen to it online here.

Or download the show by clicking here: Accordion Noir with Jenny Conlee, Mar 28, 2012

What most impressed me while putting this together was hearing her work with Black Prairie, one of her other bands.  I expected something like straight bluegrass and got this strange mix of that plus other goodness.  It’s often unsettling to think that Bill Monroe invented bluegrass at exactly the same time Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker and them were inventing Be Bop and modern jazz.  When you hear music like this, it manages to bring that old-modern (jazz) and that modern-old (bluegrass) together in a wonderful way.

Thanks Jenny, all the very best with the new Decemberists live record.

Graphic with hands surrounding the title of the album

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