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Here’s some pretty awesome accordion videos

October 25, 2011

Jeez, this Seattle group just asked if they could visit. They are awesome players. Wow.

And if you want my favorites: Deux accords diront – Anne Niepold/ Eisherz This is an amazing performance. No electronics necessary.

If your kids wants hip stuff, they might be amused by: Sadagora Hot Dub from the album Remixed by the Amsterdam Klezmer Band’s Remix album:

The Motion Trio from Poland have a good time throwing rave stuff into their classical-type shows. They’d be top of my list if we could bring any bands to Vancouver.

Aldo Granato from Belgium also has fun: (I want a smoke machine.)

And Fiamma Fumana from Italy have accord. and here, bagpipes (she had green hair when I saw them). Perhaps you saw them when they actually did play here? Amazing.

Fun stuff, off the cuff.
Can you tell I’m procrastinating? I should be writing.

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