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Alice Hall, her only studio 78 rpm recording, featured on Accordion Noir Radio

August 14, 2011

Hi all,

Thought you might be interested, I managed to find a copy of the only studio recording that jazz accordionist Alice Hall ever seems to have made. I think it was in about 1949, if anybody knows more, I would love to hear from you.

I can’t help but think these recordings haven’t been on the radio in decades. These are much better recorded than the single track of her’s that was a highlight on the Planet Squeezebox anthology some years ago. Nothing else by her has been available and I don’t think these tracks have ever been anthologized. I’m very, very happy to have them to share.

The show we featured both sides of her record on is at:

The two tracks are “Pennies from Heaven,” about 22 minutes into our show, and “Caravan,” at about 34 minutes in.

I plan to write more on Alice as I gather information on her. There’s a nice bit in the Golden Age of the Accordion book that’s helpful. If anybody happens to know if she ever had connections with Leon Sash and Pietro Frosini, who also played “false-piano” style chromatic button keyboard, I’d love to hear more.

Thanks for listening.

Bruce Triggs, Accordion Noir Radio

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  1. October 26, 2011 7:29 am

    My dear friend had this 78 rpm shellack, about Alice Hall, which you seek. My friend Franz Haltmar died in 2009 but I think his son Robert have all his LPs and shellacks, also many letters from Alice.
    You can write Franz Haltmar’s son:

    I self produced for Franz Haltmar CDs and DVDs with the wonderfull music of Alice.
    So i have the titels “Pennys from heaven” and “Caravan” on CD (from CAPITOL shellack)and fotos from Alice.
    Greetings from Vienna (Austria):
    Walter Orosz


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