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Muddy Waters and Barry Manilow

June 27, 2011

I think I heard once that Barry Manilow played accordion. But I didn’t know he played it while opening for Muddy Waters. (I hope he did.)

Muddy Waters and Barry Manilow

Paul’s Mall was a venerable Boston jazz club that expanded into rock music in the 1970s. The nightspot played host to such talented upstarts as some guy from Jersey named Bruce, a bearded fellow from San Francisco named Jerry and a mop-maned gent from Jamaica namedBob. But the club’s crowning moment may have been the night in the early ’70s that the blues titan named Muddy shared the stage with a former jingle writer named Barry. Manilow, of course, became the guy who wrote the songs that made the whole world sing — including, presumably, the Father of Chicago Blues.

There’s a bunch of amusing pics and examples of odd double bills on this site:

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