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Dallae, 달래음악단, Korean “Trot” Music. Fabulous.

June 20, 2011

Dallae is a group of North Korean women who came south and became pop stars.  They play a modern-pop version of an old-fashioned music called “Trot,” (pronounced “two-row-two,” I think, maybe.)  “Trot” comes from “foxtrot” and was/is couples’ dance music that was popular in the 50’s (Wikipedia says helpfully, “…in the years before and during World War II around the early 1900s.”).  Similar to the social dancing that our grandparents did in the West.

Here’s “멋쟁이”, Dallea’s to me incomprehensible video about Korean military iconography, love, dancing, violence, and twin accordions.  Awesome.

달래음악단 (Dallea, the band) – 멋쟁이 (the song)

(It may say you have to watch it on Youtube.  It’s totally worth it.)

I would dearly love to know more about these folks, their lyrics, their music, and what this video is about.

Cut and paste “달래 음악단” to search online for more about them, especially if you read Korean.

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