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Gondola di Venezia – Romantic Gondola Tours (with accordions) in Boston

June 11, 2011

Is this the coolest accordion-gig in North America?

The only accordion-playing Venitian gondola service in the United States (for all I know).

I’m trying to set up an interview with these folks for our show, but this post is not a bribe, nor am I nearby enough to ask for kickback tickets, nor is this an attempt to influence (somehow) a publicly subsidized privately owned sporting event because I do not care about hockey at all, except fans here are obnoxious and I dread some kind of riot any game now.

Gondola di Venezia gives gondola cruises on the River Charles, which looks very pretty now.   Specializing in engagement/anniversary romance, they’re much better than putting a sign up on the interstate or getting on TV at a sporting event.  They boast of a 100% “yes” rate, so if you have any big questions to ask, you might consider them for support.  For instance, you could have your union invite the corporate owners out for contract negotiations, or you could work to negotiate peace between waring parties in long-standing conflicts, or even try to get a date (or another one after one on the boat.)  Better than a movie.

Oh and their Message in a Bottle service is wicked-romantic in a confusingly cross-genre piratical kind of way.

 Megan Sliger ran the company for a while and we always hoped to interview her while she played with sounds of the river in the background.  Wouldn’t that be swell?  Now she’s accordion soloing, we wish her well.


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  1. June 11, 2011 1:14 pm

    Whenever you want to start a similar gondola business in Vancouver or Nanaimo….I’m in with the accordion!

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