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Welcome to Hell, Here’s Your Congressman: Racist politician targets accordions

May 15, 2011

colourful old German ad.  Blond woman playing two row diatonic.

Flake [congressman Flake to you] said he will do anything it takes to kill funding for the accordion festival….”

Political bullies look around for easy issues to hide the fact that they don’t want to do anything to actually help their constituents.  “I know! Lets attack the teeny-tiny sliver of the US federal budget dedicated to the arts.  $150 million.  That’s enough for, um, one billionaire’s yacht, or a one day attack on a foreign country!”  Better that than our people getting to see art and stuff.
This guy’s from Arizona and he knows that the accordion is hugely popular and not at all the Lawrence Welk joke he’s trying to make it out to be.  But, what he’s not saying is that many of the accordion fans in the South West speak Spanish.  If he wants to attack things because they include non-whites, he should just say so.  Then get all the immigrants who brought accordions from Mexico, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Italy and Poland and send them and all their cultures back where they came from. Defund the subsidies to one Wall Street broker and it’ll fund the NEA or whatever else you want forever.  But then Wall Street would stop funding people like this politician.
These guys did this two years ago too.  I wonder if they attack stuff like this in their own districts?
If this has you miffed.  Get your representative to vote against them and theirs.  And, I’d say, vote with your dollars and shoot a donation the the “offending” organization and it’s free-to-the-public festival that’s bringing guests from Cape Verde this year!  That is so freakin’ awesome.  It’s pathetic that someone spreads ignorance about this, rather than sharing how good it is for the economy (every tax-dollar brings in many more) and the soul (every tax dollar brings, um, well you know).
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  1. May 21, 2011 12:27 pm

    Best response on the Washington Post site:

    From: buffyj63, 5/11/2011 3:55:26 PM PDT

    “Look out if the mimes start pretending to play accordians! Congress will go ballistic.”

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