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Last Chance, Accordion Babes 2011 Pin-up Calendars!

February 5, 2011

Accordion Noir has been raising money for our little Co-op Radio station by selling the fab-o-latious Accordion Babes Calendar (with CD album by all the folks in the calendar.)

If you haven’t got one yet we have a few left!   Sign up as a sustaining member of C0-op Radio (gives a little each month as you turn over the calendar!) and we’ll deliver a calendar to you (or someone you love) as a thank-you gift.  Or, we’ll sell them locally at negotiable February rate, starting at $20 and going up or down, depending on how much you are able to support the Accordion Noir radio squeeze-spiracy.

Below is our friend Skylar Fell and her apprentice Ariel McGurty from the Accordion Apocalypse shop in San Francisco (we want them to open a franchise here.)

Renée de la Prade, Bay Area based force of nature behind the calendar, came to visit us last year, and we hope to have her back again.  She is a totally rockin’ performer on her souped up little mutant button-box.

From Renée’s site:

This calendar was originally meant to be a showcase of sexy photos, a promotional tool for independent musicians, and, well, a calendar. It’s so much more than that; now there’s a growing network of women artists who are playing together, collaborating, and helping each others’ careers. These are turbulent economic times, but we’re cooperating instead of competing. The result: profit, and great parties! You have no idea how fun it is to be in a room full of accordion babes until you try it. So come to our shows already!

Link to Accordion Babes Blog

The Accordion Babes have a blog just like we do!

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