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Michael Ward-Bergeman (of Groanbox fame): 365 gigs in 365 days

February 1, 2011

Michael Ward-Bergeman has spun a slew of websites trying to capture his many musical projects.  This year he is playing 365 gigs in 365 days.  Sleep is for guitar players!

Hendrix’s “Little Wing” with Biella Da Costa and band in Venezuela.

[This video looks wonky-huge until I click it, I don’t know why.]

Michael’s involved in so many things I forget who he is, “Oh, he’s the Groanbox guy!” or, “Oh, he’s the weird ‘hyper-accordion’ guy!” or, “He composed for some orchestras, didn’t he?” or, “What’s up with these ‘Fraudulant Gurus?'”

Well this year he’s a serious “Have Accordion, will travel” guy.  Just back from the South American leg of his “GIG 365” tour, he’s now heading up to east coast of the USA.  Off to Spain and the rest of Europe in late February.  How crazy is that?  When’s he coming to Vancouver?

His “home” site:

Keep up to date with his daily 365 gig-blog:

His personal blog links to like eleven different projects with their own websites:

Including, the amazing Groanbox boys – Americana roots in the UK, with the boot-footed jingle-stick!

Poison At The Tollbooth by Groanbox  

Groanbox video channel:

And don’t forget The Fraudulent Gurus (I think this is a joke, it is very

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